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Streaming Guide by adam3k3

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/05/15

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                      S t r e a m i n g  G u i d e

                       Title:    PS4 Streaming
                       System:   PlayStation 4
                       Type:     Streaming Guide
                       Version:  1.00
                       Author:   Adam3k3
                       Revision: Aug 05, 2015 

                 FAQ Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper

         For contact details, please see Contacts section.

Table of Contents

1. About this Guide...................[100]
 1-1. Copyright and License
 2-1. Version History
 3-1. FAQ Explained

2. Streaming..........................[200]
1-2. The Basics
2-2. Options
3-2. Recording
4-2. Screenshots
5-2. Capture Menu

3. Closing............................[300]
 1-3. Contacts
 2-3. Special Thanks

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100: About this Guide |

The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available 
on GameFaqs.


| Copyright and License |

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.

This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
availability section.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

[3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0

| Version History |

Version 1.00 Aug 05, 2015

. FAQ complete.

| FAQ Explained |  

Streaming is becoming mainstream lol, seriously it is a serious business
to some and while the PS4 makes it super easy to stream, nothing is without
fault. The official help guide on Sony's PSN site can be confusing especially
at recording and stopping. After personally trying and failing due to unclear
instructions I decided to publish this guide to help future streamers. Enjoy.

200: Streaming        |

Before we start explaining, this guide covers both Streaming and Recording.
This FAQ covers available stream options as of Aug 05 2015 and is assumed
that your system is up to date.

| The Basics |

The first thing to note is that unlikely recording, you have unlimited time
to stream so as long as you keep playing and streaming all is good. Now I
would also like to point out that the provided mic is not a good option for
a clear commentary while streaming. It is fine if you just want to talk to
each other but other than that I suggest you seek better options.

To start Broadcast, enter the game and hold the Share button. An option menu
will come up with Broadcast gameplay being the third option. Click it. You will
now be required to select a Streaming service: Twitch or UStream. 

You will now be presented with three options alongside entering an optional
message to your viewers. 

Select the video quality from Low, Medium, High and Best HD. 

Once done, click on Broadcast and enjoy. 

Once done, you will need to access the same menu and click on end products.
Confirm and it will end.

| Options |

The options are very important as you will need to set up your preferred
stream/recording controls style. To access the Share Options simply hold 
the Share button. 

You know will be presented with four options: 

. SHARE Button Control Type 

There are two types to choose from. I suggest the second one for an easier
screenshot taking. 


Short Press       Display Menu 
Long Press        Take Screenshot 
Double-Press Set  Start Point for Video Clip 
Easy Screenshots

Short Press       Take Screenshot 
Long Press        Display Menu 
Double-Press Set  Start Point for Video Clip

As you can see, the second controls type allows you to capture screenshots
with just a single quick press, useful when in tense situation during gameplay.

. Video Clip Settings 

Include Microphone Audio in Video Clip     On/Off

This option allows for your voice to be recorded in the clip along with
others in your party if their voice is allowed to be heard. 
Indicate Blocked Scenes for Video Recording     On/Off
Some in game scenes are not allowed to be recorded, if set to On a message will
pop up indicating that the following scene is blocked from recording. Note that
setting this option to off will block the scene anyway but a message will not
be displayed. 
Length of Video Clip

Select the time frame of recording a video clip.

1  Minute 
3  Minutes 
5  Minutes 
10 Minutes 
15 Minutes 
. Broadcast Settings 

As soon as you enter this menu, you will be presented with nothing else but 
another clickable menu titled Advanced Settings. Click it to go inside with 
the following options: 

Include Video from PlayStation Camera in Broadcast     On/Off 

Once you have the PlayStation Camera hooked up, you can stream the input
alongside your gameplay. 
Camera Video Settings 
Configure and select Camera Settings 
Include Microphone Audio in Broadcast                     On/Off 
Include your voice in your broadcast. 
Include Party Audio in Broadcast                          On/Off 
Include others voice in your broadcast 
Display Message to Spectators and Spectators Comments     On/Off 
Set a message for your viewers (Useful in Twitch) 
Message to Spectators 
Set the message 
. Link with Other Services 
This option is the place to connect your accounts so that you can upload
and stream your content to that website/service. 


Just enter and set your username and password and confirm the link.

| Recording |

Recording gameplay is easier and faster then broadcasting but comes with a
limit, you can only record a determined amount of time with the maximum being
15 minutes. Don’t worry, as soon as the previous time is over you will be
notified and you can start recording again. 

In this guide, I will be assuming that you are using the second controls type
(See options). 

To start recording simply double press the share button. A recording message
will be displayed for a short time in the upper left corner. 

Once the time is up, a message saying Video Clip saved will be displayed
indicating that you are no longer recording. You can now double press the
Share button again. 


Instead, hold the Share button to enter the menu, highlight the first option
(But don’t go in) and press [ ] to save the recorded clip.

| Screenshots |

Screenshots are super easy to capture. Again, assuming your using type 2
controls, single press the share button any time during gameplay to capture
a screenshot. You can capture as much as you like provided you have enough
space on your PS4.

| Capture Menu |

Capture Menu can be accessed through the main menu. Once inside you will be
presented with all your captured data including videos and screenshots. Select
a title or All to video everything. 

Select a screenshot or a video clip and long press the share button to upload
the select item. You can copy video clips to a USB stick. Make sure that the
stick is formatted to exFAT for maximum compatibility with both PCs and MAC. 
You can use also use a FAT32 formatted stick.

300: Closing          |

| Contacts |

I may be contacted any time via my email, Twitter or Blog. Just make 
sure to properly mention the subject. I welcome questions, contributions, 
corrections, requests or anything else.

E-mail: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: @Adam3k3
Website: http://adam3k3.com
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Adam3k3

| Special Thanks |

. All websites that are hosting my FAQs.
. You for reading this FAQ.

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