PS4 keeps shutting down because of over heating message but the system isnt actually getting hot?

  1. I have a ps4 that I took to the netherlands from india and whenever I plug it in here in a few minutes I get a message that the system is too hot and it shuts down on its own. I've used a compressed air spray on it vents but it didn't make a difference. Is it due to the difference in voltage between india and the netherlands? ycool - 1 month ago - report


  1. Possible the different energy consumption is a factor, is the first time that is happening? Asmodaios344 - 1 month ago - report 1   1
  2. Definitely not the current. I suggest you change the thermal paste on the heat sink. Artic silver MX5 is a good one bipolar_shango - 1 month ago - report 1   2
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