Why is my GTA install only at 3%?

  1. So my friend calls me up and says let's play some GTA, and I said dang I deleted it and he says no worries just get it back so I got it back I downloaded the game then I had to install it was at 2% to start then 3% but then it's been over 2 hours and still haven't changed so I figured u can help. PoorMemorist16 - 1 month ago - report


  1. looks like your internet is slow or done. first check if you have any data. if you do try checking the connection etc. if you dont have any data then do add some cause gta is big Ramiru1011 - 1 month ago - report 0   1
  2. He clearly said it was downloaded and this was about installing. Callmege - 1 month ago - report
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