why ps4 controller will not connect to console?

  1. I'm stuck on the main blue page that says please connect remote with usb. my controller will not connect , i use new usb wires, i use new remotes, i tried everything i possibly can. what i found out is that when i put the console on safe mode, the controller will connect through Usb and i was able to use it, but once i am out of safe mode, the controller does not work. PoorFoebreaker3 - 5 months ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. on the back of the ps4 controller there should be a button. thats a reset button. try pressing that and then connecting Ramiru1011 - 5 months ago - report 3   0
  2. ive tried that also and it didnt work. PoorFoebreaker3 - 5 months ago - report

Other Answers

  1. looks like something is wrong with the ps4's usb ports. try to find a video or something on how to clean them. then pray and try again. if not, (this one might be pointless but worth a shot) try connecting a remote to a windows laptop and then try back on the ps4. if all fails go see a trusty repairs man Ramiru1011 - 5 months ago - report 1   2
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