How can I delete all of my personal info without deleting all the downloaded games off of my ps4?

  1. I'm looking to delete all of the personal info like credit card info, accounts, and such without deleting all the games I've got downloaded. I'm looking to do this to trade my ps4, but part of the deal we've made includes the games we've both got downloaded on the consoles. Thanks in advance guys.

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    IvoryBarber97 - 2 months ago

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  1. First off, regardless of how trustworthy your trader is, always always ALWAYS factory reset your consoles before trading them, selling them, or giving them away. This is the only guarantee that you have that they will not get any of your personal data and abuse it.

    Sony also has frustrating customer service most of the time, especially when it comes to refunds of digital software. You may get refunded for 1 or 2 accidental or unauthorized purchases but they won't go beyond that without a hard fight. Why is this important? Well it's because of the next point.

    I don't think you quite understand how game sharing works here but you absolutely need access to the Playstation Account that purchased the games in one way or another. This is because of something called Primary Console. The way Primary Console works is on a console set as your PSN's primary all users on that console can access and play all your digital content and can do so while offline. On a non primary system, only the user connected to the account can access those games (no other users on that console can) and only while connected to the internet (services like PS+ though are not required to play unless the games themselves would normally require it like Fall Guys). Also, even if you managed to come to an agreement on how this is set up and actually honor it, there is also the fact that the non primary console cannot access those games if that same account on the primary console is online in any capacity. Even if not playing that specific game. And if the account comes online while they are playing, it will boot them off until that account goes offline again.

    So then you think, ok whatever I will just put a password on my account and be done with it. Well that would actually defeat the purpose of keeping the account on there to begin with since they would not be able to access those downloads again if they become corrupted or deleted and would actually limit how they use their console. Many games, triple A or otherwise, are usually about 30-40 GBs, can easily reach 70-80 with DLC, and could go even higher with updates. This takes a lot of dedicated space. So depending on the games in question here, this could actually be to the loss of both of you and limit on how you both use your consoles.

    So all in all, because of this primary console business, there isn't any viable way to secure your personal data and allow the other person access to your digital library that doesn't put you into a position of having to trust the other guy. And by trust I mean where they don't go to Sony and have the account removed from your console and vice versa.This also isn't something new as the PS3 also did this. The only difference is that you could have up to 2 Primary Consoles with the PS3 instead of just the 1 with PS4.

    I should also mention that this type of transaction is against Sony's Terms of Use and if you go ahead with it Sony finds out, it could result in a permanent ban of your console which Sony will not reverse since the only suspensions they reverse are those for debt which is a whole other topic. Bans and suspensions are in place until they expire, and if they don't expire then your out of luck since by policy they don't take appeals.

    In the event you still wish to change your personal information you can head into Settings and go to Account Management and then Account Information. You can change email address, any security you have set up for your account, change payment methods, purchase settings, set a password for transactions, change your profile settings, your address, language, gender, communication preferences, services, and subscriptions. Much of this data cannot be deleted from the console but it is protected by a password before being able to access it or change it.

    You can also change payment information in the Playstation Store which is also password protected.

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    JohnathanHyde (Expert) - 2 months ago 3   0
  2. But again mate, I highly advise not doing this trade as is because there is no way for it to work the way you both want and someone will most likely get screwed over through account stealing or a ban from Sony and it has a high risk of your personal information being stolen or your account being stolen.

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 2 months ago

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