How do I fix error code WS-37400-4?

  1. I just want to get rid of this error code in anyway possible so I can continue playing rocket league with my friends.

    User Info: arlindz123

    arlindz123 - 6 months ago


  1. Ok I was just having this issue and I struggled with this for 4 days and I found out that my ip was black listed and all they had to do for me was change my ip address. So if anyone has this problem call your internet provider and ask them to change your ip address and if that doesnt work my internet provider said that this does happen not to often but it does and there can be a few reasons but most of them is bc their ip was black listed. I hope this helps bc this would of help me out. I couldnt find any answers on this error code so heres something

    User Info: Insane_Pest88

    Insane_Pest88 - 6 months ago 45   62

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