How to fix code error CE-30391-6?

  1. Not connecting to PlayStation Network

    User Info: YellowArcanist3

    YellowArcanist3 - 7 months ago


  1. try testing internet first

    User Info: Ramiru1011

    Ramiru1011 - 7 months ago 3   4
  2. Since you didn't provide that many details, and that code is quite a generic error, I can only answer in general terms:

    - Make sure psn is up and running in your region:

    - Power-cycle your ps4 and router/modem.

    - If you're on wi-fi try using a wired connection or vice versa.

    - Using the ps4's easy and/or custom internet set-up try using google's dns servers ( and instead of your isp's.

    - This error could be date and time related. Make sure it's set correctly in the ps4's settings. Also, if the console doesn't keep the correct time and date, or it gets set to 1970 or similar if you unplug the power cord for at least ten seconds, then you probably need to replace the bios/cmos-battery (2032) in the console.

    - It could also be that you haven't updated the ps4's software in quite a long time. Getting the latest update could solve the problem.

    - Deleting a game from the trophies list that you have 0% of the trophies of can fix weird psn-issues. If you don't have a game with 0% of the trophies, then download a free game or borrow a disc game from a friend or similar.

    - Rebuilding database in safe mode might solve it as well:

    User Info: Quaddo1

    Quaddo1 - 7 months ago 4   9

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