How to play ps3 move games on my PS4(plz also tell what will i need i only have ps4 console and a controller) ?

  1. I want to play my Ps3 move games on my ps4 but idk how to do that ?
    What would i need to buy to be able to play move games(will really appreciate if i can get detailed solutions)?
    Thank You ☺ ☺ ☺
    BaldJudge87 - 1 year ago - report


  1. No PS3 games work on a PS4, so if you referring to being able to play your older PlayStation Move games, you're out of luck.

    However, the PlayStation Move controller itself is compatible with the PS4 and is compatible with some games. In order to use it, you need to purchase a PlayStation Camera, which is used to track the Move controller's movements. Then purchase one of the games listed here:
    - Dreams
    - Light Tracer
    - The Assembly
    - Rec Room
    - Chess Ultra
    - Rez Infinite
    - Concrete Genie
    - Salary Man Escape
    - The Solus Project
    - Star Trek Bridge Crew
    - Transference
    - The Invisible Hours

    That's a list of games that are compatible with Move controllers, and don't require a VR headset to play. This list comes from the PlayStation Support site.
    Aeptia - 1 year ago - report 0   0
  2. Thank you for your help.
    I have one more query What if i use playstation now subscription then would i able to play ps3 move games ?
    BaldJudge87 - 1 year ago - report
  3. If they're available on the service, yes. PS Now won't make your physical PS3 games magically work on PS4. OrdosAlpha - 1 year ago - report
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