A digital game on two ps4 consoles offline?

  1. Hello there guys,
    I have a question might be a stupid one for most of you but please hear me out and help me.
    If i have a game (Fallout for instance) downloaded on my ps4 console wish is my primary console and the went offline with that ps4 and open my account on my brother's ps4 and downloaded the game and play with it and set his ps4 as my primary console (leaving mine as primary console offline wish make the games playable)
    Will it work and let me play the game offline on both consoles?!
    Please help me out before i buy the game otherwise i'll have to buy two discs
    Thank you, and have a delightful day :)

    User Info: FirasCriss7

    FirasCriss7 - 3 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Unless Sony changed their policy without my knowledge, one account can have two PS4 linked to it, so in a way, yes, but your brother's PS4 will be the sub-console. Also, if you want to continue from your previous play on a different console, you need a PS Plus account so you can upload your saves to cloud. You cannot transfer PS4 save files via usb drive, unlike the PS3.

    User Info: theresay

    theresay (Expert) - 3 years ago 1   0

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