Some one else activated my account, how do I get it back?

  1. Some one else had access to my account and I'm not even sure how I never shared any information with anyone and I'm not sure how anyway, when I found out he/she activated my account I panicked and changed my password and nothing he's/she's had my account activated for about like 6/7 months already how do I get it back?

    User Info: Rogue_Dragon

    Rogue_Dragon - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hi

    You can easily change your password, here's how.

    1.- Visit
    2.- Try to sign in, enter the email registered in your account
    3.- Select the option "Trouble signing in?"
    4.- It will ask your birthday, a password notification message will be sent to your email
    5.- In the email click in the link provided
    6.- Just change your password

    If you still have troubles feel free to send me a PM

    Hope it helps

    Good luck!

    User Info: Tidus1012

    Tidus1012 (Expert) - 4 years ago 0   0

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