How do I share one PSN Plus membership with two PS4's?

  1. We both live in the same house, and we want to be able to use PSN Plus on both systems with one account, while still being able to play online with other accounts on both PS4 systems.Is there a way to do this? People keep telling me to set up my account as the Primary on his system, while his account is set up as Primary on my system. Last time I checked, only one system or account at a time can be primary. Unless they are referring to the accounts themselves becoming "main" accounts... I don't really get it though.I should not have to have a PSN Plus membership on each console for more than one account.

    User Info: TheNextAvatar4

    TheNextAvatar4 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Never mind, I figured it out.

    For your very first PS4, you likely have PSN+, right? If so, then for the 2nd PS4 you will get for your GF, all you would need to do is load up your own account onto her system, and then make her system the "Primary PS4". That way, any account on that system will be able to use online features. For your own system, which would no longer be the primary system, will not be an issue since it's tied to relying on a PSN+ account existing in order for other accounts to have online.

    In other words, you yourself can have online on your account on your non-primary system (the one you own) while your GF's PS4 will be the primary system, and she will be able to use online features (as long as you loaded up your old account that has PSN+). That way, she does not need to have to pay for a subscription of her own. You do NOT need to sign in on your account on HER system to use online, it just needs to exist on her system.

    Let me put this in step form (and you need to make sure neither PS4 system becomes the Primary. if one of them is, deactivate it.):

    1.) Have an account on your PS4 with PSN+ (if you already did this, then don't do it again)
    2.) Have your GF make an account on her PS4 without PSN+
    3.) Load up your PSN+ account onto her PS4
    4.) Make her system become the Primary in Settings > Playstation Account Management, then activate as Primary

    Boom, both PS4 systems will have online features with one PSN+ account, thanks to it existing on her PS4 (which is now Primary), and your system (since your PSN+ is tied to your account, not the system, so being secondary is not an issue).

    User Info: TheNextAvatar4

    TheNextAvatar4 - 4 years ago 53   31
  2. I love it when people figure out their own question, but is kind enough to share it with rest of the community.

    User Info: YummyBear222

    YummyBear222 - 4 months ago

Other Answers

  1. I have two kids. I am divorced. We have 2 PS4's and 1 PS3 at each house. Can we do what the TheNextAvatar4 outlined above and my kids can still play live at the same time on games like fortnite using the same account on two separate PS4's?

    User Info: mom2boys

    mom2boys - 4 weeks ago 0   0
  2. If you are asking if you can use the same profile/account on two different systems at once... no, you can't. You'll just end up logging out of one system using the one profile when you try to use the same profile on a different system.

    User Info: TheNextAvatar4

    TheNextAvatar4 - 4 weeks ago

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