Two games on same console i need to transfer save data to to the i want to play?

  1. hey all i just signed up and i was wondering if something like this is possible

    ok i bought blooborne on ebay for $40 it was psn downloadable its origin was Spain so basically what u have to do is they give you an account go into that and download the and sign out and u cant sign back in sooo to download the dlc for bloodborne i though i could make another account with origin being Spain to download the dlc from the Spain store using a euro money gift card that i bought off eBay downloaded the dlc but im not sure if it worked or not is says its installed but when i go to play the game i cant find the item to progress to the dlc

    anywho the dilema im facing now is i bought the bloodborne GOTY edition and i want to transfer the game save that is on the bloodborne Spain origin and transfer to the GOTY edition so i can play my current profiles does anyone no if u can do this or is there anyway i can play the dlc using those game saves

    or do i just have suck it up play a whole new character ive already started but omg so many weapons

    PS my grama isant that great so its ok if u dont understand what im saying

    User Info: blibz69

    blibz69 - 5 years ago


  1. You're gonna have to suck it up. The ps4 isn't far enough along to have Game Save editing/Resigning like the PS3 did. Whatever you start on that PSN will be what you have access to. It honestly sounds like they screwed you over. The only way you'd even keep access to the game through that Spain PSN is if you were set as Primary on it, them allowing you to download it off of the account means nothing if you're not the Primary unless you can login to it. That's how the PS4 deals with Gamesharing. On the PS3 you could download something from an account and as long as you never logged into it again you kept access to the game.

    User Info: Xsase

    Xsase - 4 years ago 0   0

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