Can I save game data offline on the ps4?

  1. I made the mistake of getting an Xbox one with my spotty, rural Internet connection and I found out only after putting several hours into fallout 4 that the game doesn't save unless the console is connected to the internet. Will I have the same problem with ps4 if I get it?

    User Info: netuser_63

    netuser_63 - 5 years ago


  1. Never heard of xbox one requiring online to save data
    as far as i know all games save offline than upload to the cloud for backups
    {only if setup to do so}
    seeing as fallout 4 isn't a online game it shouldn't require the internet to save
    i have a ps4 and xbox one i have never needed internet connection to save a game
    than again i have never played xbox one without a internet cable plugged in

    so i would say with 100% certainty no it won't have the same problem on the ps4

    User Info: new_at_css

    new_at_css - 5 years ago 1   7

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