Clarification on upcoming game: Death Tales?

  1. Ok so there is a game coming out soon called Death Tales and I am interested in it, however I'm confused as to the release date of the game and the platform it's on.

    1) On the Death Tales page it says it will be released on both PS4 and PSVita, however when I try to look up this game i can't find any mention of this game coming out PS4, only Vita. (I only have PS4)

    2) The release date on the site says it will be released in Summer 2015, however no actual date has been confirmed for this game and Summer ends in about 19 days, so I'm kinda confused about the facts of all this.

    Does anyone know what is going on with this game? Because I don't know anything other than what is shown on that site, I am interested but when I look it up there is only talk about it on PSVita and that's kinda why I'm worried. So is there any real confirmation that the game will be on PS4? Or are the developers just not saying anything? As to the date it doesn't really matter if it doesn't come out by the end of Summer, I am a patient person. I just want some clarification if anyone has it.
    Flamewind11 - 6 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. It is a good thing that you are a patient person. Over a year later and it still says the release is to be determined. At this point it doesn't look like it will be on either console too soon. Keep checking the site you showed and hope that it eventually becomes available, or at least a more definitive date is given. reb8 (Expert) - 5 years ago - report 0   0
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