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Platinum Anti-Pants
Get all other trophies
Bigger Badder Better
Defeat Big Bad Pug
King of the Hill
Defeat Grillz
Defeat Baby God
Express Delivery
Defeat Aegel
Choo Choo
Defeat Worm
I Am the Night
Defeat The Dark Knights
Jail Break
Defeat Warden
King Slayer
Defeat King Bunnylord III
The Bannerman
Unlock Obek
The Thief
Unlock Domba
The Guardian
Unlock Doggu
The Ranger
Unlock Welu
Haul Off
Push the payload
Tony Bears Pro
Skate off the avalanche
City Life
Get into the city
The Fallen
Survive The Pit
Yo Ho Yo Ho
Ride the Skywhale
Break into the castle
The End?
Complete the story mode
Recruit 5 companions
Throw 5 bombs
Gulp Gulp Gulp
Drink 5 potions
Beast Master
Ride 5 mounts
Reach level 5 on a character
I Don't Feel So Good
Die 10 times
Professional Roller
Roll 50 times
Are These Yours?
Break 10 chests or barrels

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