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RPG x school life! Can you become a super popular in a mysterious school that changes every day?
Have a fun school life with messy friends while unraveling the mysterious mystery that occurs in the huge elite school "Y Gakuen"!!!

> School life with over 600 friends!
The number of students who can make friends at Y Gakuen is over 600! You can make friends with the children you care about, or introduce your friends to the club, and your actions will change your school life steadily!

> Enjoy the mysterious school life!
The main characters, Jinpei, can transform into "Yo-kai HERO" using the power of the watch! Let's solve the mystery hidden in the school and solve the problems of students who are in trouble due to grudges!

> Y Gakuen: The "One University Garden City"!
At Y Gakuen, not only the school building for students to learn, but also everything from huge supermarkets to deserts that you can't think of as a school! Some dungeons are full of danger...

> Aim for a dazzling battle while paying attention to the eyes of the audience!
In the battle with the grudges hidden in Y Gakuen, it is important not only to win but to "shine"! Show your good points to the students around you who support you and get "Like!"!

> Regular free updates will expand your playing style!
Even after the release of this work, free update data will be distributed regularly several times. There are more ways to play, such as adding a multiplayer mode! Add episodes and characters linked to the popular TV anime!

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