First Victory
Win 1 Event
Demolition Man
Win 1 Demolition Derby event
Win 100 events of any type
Play a multiplayer game either online or local
Trying Power-ups
Use 10 power-ups
Power-Ups Expert
Use 100 power-ups
Arms Race
Use 1000 power-ups
Long Trip
Race 500 miles
Destroy 100 cars
Epic Finish
Cross the finish line while being destroyed
All Cups Available
Unlock all cups in Career Mode
Driven half the way
Earn half the total points on Career Mode
Finish Career Mode
Earn all points in Career Mode
All Categories Covered
Buy at least 1 car for each Vehicle Class
Fully Tuned Up!
Buy all the upgrades for one of your cars
Car Collection
Acquire all cars in Career Mode

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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