Where do i go to do sigurds quests in the north of england after somas?

  1. I finished somas quests and now I can't find Sigurds quest in the northern part of england. What do I need to do to activate? They were there and now they are gone.

    User Info: CrimsonWarrior8

    CrimsonWarrior8 - 4 days ago


  1. If you haven't done the Kingmaker Saga yet (the one with Ivarr & Ubba Ragnarsson) then you pick that up in Repton, to the far north of Ledescestrescire (power level 20 area.) If you have done that then Sigurd is in Oxenefordscire (power level 90 area) to the southwest of Ravensthorpe, in the town of Buckingham. I would recommend doing the East Anglia questline next, however. It's a level 55 power level area.

    User Info: hagiographer1

    hagiographer1 - 1 day ago 0   0

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