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Natura's Most Natural
Collected all trophies!
Plow Field
Plowed 1st field!
Sow Seed
Sowed 1st seed!
Water Crops
Watered 1st crops!
Box Produce into Crate
Put produce in crate!
Cut Tree
Cut down a tree!
Cut Stump
Cut 1st stump!
Dig with Pickaxe
Dug 1st time with pickaxe!
Caught 1st fish!
Made 1st dish!
Catch Bug
Caught 1st bug!
Raise Cow
Raised 1st cow!
Raise Sheep
Raised 1st sheep!
Raise Chicken
Raised 1st chicken!
Calf is Born
First calf born!
Lamb is Born
First lamb born!
Chick is Born
First chick born!
Get Anywhere Door
Got Anywhere Door!
Get Human Locomotive
Got Human Locomotive!
Get Super Gloves
Got 1st Super Gloves!
Get Invention Inventor
Got Invention Inventor!
Get Searching Cane
Got Searching Cane!
Expanded Noby's House
Expanded Noby's house!
Built a Horse Stable
Built 1st horse stable!
Find Koropokkur
Found Koropokkur!
Complete Lithograph
Completed a lithograph!
Solve the Mystery of the Big Tree
Solved Elder Tree mystery!

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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