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by threetimes

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Guide and Walkthrough by threetimes

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 10/23/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Chapter 2

Ruins of Arei

Ruins of Arei Part 1
The ArtifactsFlora: CloudroseTreasure: OpalEyeball
Flora: AngelflowerPotion: Revival x2Zombie
Oil: Ari FishII Enchant: Deadly Strikes II
Relic: Pendant
II Enchant: Siphoning 1
II Enchant: Luck
Key: Normal x4
Key: Gold
Elixir, Power II x3 (Orchards)

Go left, and pick some pink flowers: Flora: Cloudrose and climb the first set of steps in the graveyard. Go right to pick more Flora: Cloudrose. There is a door here, to the right of the flowers, which is the best way to enter the building but explore a bit more outside first.

Up the next steps, you can check the grave and pick the third lot of Flora: Cloudrose. Find Flora: Angelflower x2 to the right of another gravestone. Go left to reach a treasure chest with Treasure: Opal. Head further left for more flowers Flora: Angelflower and Flora: Cloudrose and another gravestone. The main door of the ruins won't open so walk back and try out the side door of the other building. This opens, and you'll get a nice overview of the whole floor. However, exploration is more logical if you enter by the lower door at the front of the building.

The nice thing is that Talani is here, the not so nice is that she doesn't sell Dust: Enchanting, to use for upgrading Seri's Crystal Conduit, but that won't be a problem for long. Try to avoid buying stuff if you want to save money, and craft any healing items you need. Most enemies are Zombies and although they have different hair colour (male and female) their stats and attacks are the same.

Four Torches
Take the ladder into the pond and catch a fish: Oil: Ari Fish. Leave the pond at the left and walk around to the left of the Torch. (Note that you can walk close to the lower wall to edge past.) Pick it to fight a group of Zombies and an Eyeball. After the battle, you will keep that Torch. The goal is to find four Torches to light some braziers.

Check the back wall above the pond (with the spider web) and crouch to crawl under the wall. In the next room, open the chest for Potion: Revival. Head left, and pick up a purple torch at the bottom left of the room. This triggers a battle with three Zombies and you've acquired a second Torch. Now, approach one of the four unlit braziers in the room and click on it, and you will light it. Do the same to light a second brazier. Two down, two to go.

Head for Talani and walk up into the next area. Enter any one of the three doors of the row. Go left, past the Gold Key Door, and check the middle locked door of five, which is blocked with a magic barrier. Turn around and open a chest with II Enchant: Deadly Strikes II. Go back along the passage and click on the square on the floor between two pillars with blue flowers. This opens a secret opening in the wall. Go inside to find a chest with Relic: Pendant which increases everyone's defence by +3.

Not so Secret SignLet there be Light

Move to the right, and down, and right, where you see a large bed. There's a purple torch in the corner. Pick it up for another battle, probably with Eyeballs. Head left and open a chest in between the last two beds to get another Potion: Revival.

Walk back to the right, and up, and approach the ladder that leads down into a pool of blood. You will pick up II Enchant: Siphoning 1. Go up and to the right to pick up the fourth torch. (If you go all the way to left, and down, you will end up outside.)

Head up the stairs at either side of the main hall to reach a back room with a light and a treasure chest. Open the chest for II Enchant: Luck. Read the message on the table at the front of the room. The task is to drag the unlit brazier at the top left of the room into the light. Interact with it and move it to the right, and then down into the light. This opens a door somewhere.

Return to the four braziers by going back through one of the three entrances and past Talani, then around the pool and under the cobweb. Light all four torches with the torches and a Key: Normal falls downs.

The Five Doors Puzzle
The task is to unlock all four doors and that will unlock the middle door. You can start at any door, and behind each one is a puzzle. Solve the puzzle to acquire the next key. Two of the rooms have a clue. Work it out for yourself, or read the following instructions.

Enter the leftmost room. Press the second and fourth buttons. Pick up the Key: Normal and enter the next door.

Did those braziers move back on their own? Vampire Obstacle course - not shown

Move the braziers into the three angel spaces at the front of the room. There is space to get below a brazier when it's on the angel in the bottom row.
1. Move the middle one left to give space to manipulate the one at the right.
2. Pull that one left and push it down and all the way to the left.
3. Then, move that first one you moved to the left, back to the middle, and then, down and to the left as far as it will go: past the angel.
4. Pull the last one down and then push it from the left into the right space, by going under it to get to the left.
5. Pull the second left one to the right, onto the final angel space.
Pick up the Key: Normal. You can read a new message too if you leave and return the braziers will change position.

When all four puzzles have been solved the barrier will disappear. Enter the door to open a chest that contains the Gold Key.


This is unfair! The puzzle is changed for the PS4 version and it's a timed race, which is not so good for those of us with slow reflexes. Flip the lever and a countdown begins as you face the left of the room. At the count of three: Go!

You have to jump over various gaps AND go under walls where you have to crouch. That's the tricky bit - do you stay crouched or stand up? I opt for staying crouched and only standing up again when reaching the second jumping section. To change from crouching to standing, press Square. The final section is awkward too, with some more crouching and then, three sets of stairs that are not straight down. Yeah, it's a vampire obstacle course.

There is no short-cut. Keep trying until you get it. If you look at the right side of the room you'll see a red teleporter. That's the goal to reach before the timer runs out, and you can view the timer at the top right of the screen. You have 35 seconds to complete the route. Click on the teleporter at the end of the course to complete the task and you will get another Key: Normal.

Update! Version 1.01 Stepping on the teleporter at the end of the Arei obstacle course now teleports you instead of needing to press OK.

Use the key on the last of the five doors. Read the book which gives a clue about the puzzle in this room. When you stand on a circle and click X it will change colour. Make them: Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple. You can toggle Colourblind mode in the Settings section of the Menu to change the puzzle. You will get another Key: Normal.

Gold Door Passage
You can see the enemy waiting for you behind the door. With all the battles fought in here the team can expect to be at level 13, which would be good! Try and get hit a few times in battles to increase the Ultimate gauge for the battle ahead. It's a cheap way to win quickly! Save your game if you wish.

Point of No Return

BOSS: Vampire 1 Level 11
HP1024 (1464 HP Expert)
  • Disabler - disables targets.
  • Shadow Strike - targets one for around 50+ HP damage.
  • Vampire Bite - damages one and heals himself for around 25-30 HP.
  • Attack - Damage Down.
RewardsCoins 182, Experience 2150, Loot: Hide, Heavy, Dust, Vampire x1

Start by Scouting him with Lita, and you will get useful information and be able to check his current HP on every turn. He appears with two zombies at his side each of whom has 170 HP and is the same as the ones you've been fighting in here.

Ensure your Ultimate gauge is at maximum and let rip with Seri's Elemental Burst. This will kill the minions and do around 600 HP damage to the Vampire depending on levels. Lita doesn't yet have her Ultimate skill so keep her on healing duty and hitting with Charged Shot when she has enough MP.

You will earn the Trophy: Vampire Slayer.

After the battle, enter the opening to arrive at a new location: Ruins of Arei Part 2!

Ruins of Arei Part 2
The ArtifactsDust: EnchantingKey: Normal x2Eyeball
Thread: Cotton300 CoinsZombie
Stone: Magic
Essence: Water

Area 2

Go through the open door to a new area. If you try to go up through the first opening there will be a scene but you cannot go further. Head to the right, past a locked door.

The good news is that you can find Dust: Enchanting in here! The bad news is that the enemies are the same, so combat is pretty boring. If you are not bothered about the mode, I'd suggest using Story Mode in here, just to speed things up.

Head right, and then up, at the corner. Go up and a little left to climb some steps. Keep going to the top of the screen. Go right here and you'll be able to pick up 2 lots of Dust: Enchanting x2. Go to Seri's equipment and improve her Crystal Conduit to Mystic Conduit, or, even better, if you have the Essence: Light, upgrade Lita's weapon. I prioritise Lita's weapon over Seri's because I use Seri for magic more than melee attacks.

Return to the junction and go to the left of the stairs, to find an opening in the back wall of the cavern. This leads to a secret room. There's a gathering spot for Thread: Cotton to the left, and a skeleton that will give you a Key: Normal. This is the first of two keys that you need to open the doors in the first corridor.

Return to the junction and go right and up to find a chest with 300 Coins and another gathering spot for the Dust: Enchanting. Now, head back down and make your way along the nearly invisible passage to the right: it starts from the right corner of the first wide passage. Go up the narrow passage and check on the 2nd from the right panel at the dead end to find a secret room (1), Go inside and pick up a Stone: Magic. Use this immediately on one of Seri's skills to upgrade it: Lightning would be a good choice.

Secret Room 1Secret Room 2

Head back down and this time go up the stairs and through a door that opens to a narrow path. Walk up and left, to an open bridge. You have to fight another vampire. It's a repeat of the previous battle so do the same, and maybe use Seri's upgraded Lightning if you can't be bothered to get a full gauge before the battle. Here are the stats anyway.

Point of No Return

BOSS: Vampire 2. Level 11
HP1195 (1708 HP Expert)
  • Disabler - Disables targets.
  • Shadow Strike - targets one for around 50+ HP damage.
  • Vampire Bite - damages one and heals himself for around 25-30 HP.
  • Attack - Damage Down.
RewardsCoins 204, Experience 2150. Loot: Dust: Magic x2
This time he is accompanied by two Eyeballs, which have the skills to disable their targets, causing damage down.

Area 3
Go left and down to open a chest that contains Key: Normal. When you pick it up a red teleporter will appear which takes you back to the entrance so it's not a long walk back to the locked doors. Don't use it just yet.

Pick up more Dust: Enchanting to the right and Thread: Cotton from the flower at the bottom right., Head up the left stairs and investigate the middle panel at the back wall. Go through into the secret room (2). Pick up Essence: Water at the top right of the room and Thread: Cotton x2 at the upper left and lower left. Return to the main hall and stand on the teleport and click to Use it. It takes you back to the entrance hallway with the locked doors. Go through both doors and fight the third vampire.

Point of No Return

BOSS: Vampire 3. Level 11

HP1309 (1870 HP Expert)
  • Disabler - Disables targets.
  • Shadow Strike - targets one for around 50+ HP damage.
  • Vampire Bite - damages one and heals himself for around 25-30 HP.
  • Attack - Damage Down
RewardsCoins 183, Experience 2150, Loot: Hide: Heavy
This vampire is accompanied by one Eyeball and a zombie.
If you start this battle with a maxed out gauge that will remove about half the Vampire's HP. After that, it's easy provided you keep a watch on Lita's HP.

After the battle check the tombstone and leave the building. Go left and down into the previous area and then, right, up, and left, and down (between four beds) to exit by the side door.

Walk up, and to the left and you'll see the spirit go left. Head all the way to the left and check the tombstone of Azariel for a scene. Now, the door to the large building is open. Walk back and shop or craft if you need anything. Talani is now standing near the empty treasure chest. Ask for healing if anyone had been injured because if you don't they are weaker in battle. (You will see a scroll against their portrait if that has happened.)

Fight a few spiders if you need to boost the Ultimate bar. Remember that it only gets a boost if you are hit! Ensure that Lita has upgraded her healing skill so it can heal any bad status effect. Save your game before going through the door. (This reminds me a bit of Suikoden and fighting Neclord: happy days.)

Point of No Return

BOSS: Lord Nash (Level 13)
Lord Nash
HP2646 (3780 HP Expert)
  • Serrated Blade - causes bleeding.
  • Poison Blade - poisons.
  • Double Strike - hits both for around 25 HP.
  • Summons Leech.
  • Blizzard hits both.
  • Ice Blast hits one.
  • Pommel - weak attack on one.
  • Vampire Bite hits one.
Rewards1500 Coins, Experience 10000, Loot: Dust Vampire x2
Summon: Leech
HP1058 (1512 HP Expert)
  • Attach and Siphon
Fire magic will heal the Leech and it does what you'd expect a leech to do. It attaches itself to Seri and siphons her blood. It will create Siphon tendrils of 88 HP each, and keep making more.

When you Scout Nash you'll be told that he's a powerful battlemage who can do melee combat as well as cast spells. One blade is serrated and the other is coated with poison. Ouch, I hate poison in this game because you lose HP fast. The serrated blade causes bleeding which also means that the target loses HP on every round, so that's not good either. However, bad status effects wear off after three turns. Use Lita's healing skill to repair damage and heal bad status effects: provided it has been upgraded.

You can poison him with a Flask and he loses around 35 HP per round with that, and of course, Seri's magic has bad side effects for him. Use Elven Focus to boost Lita. Seri's Lightning should do around 200 damage and her Fire magic a bit less than that. Don't use the Ultimate attack at first, and wait until he summons the Leech.

After a few rounds, Nash will start to talk. and summons a Leech that has 1058 HP. The Leech attaches itself to Seri, draining her energy. Ugh. Make sure Seri's Ultimate attack is available and use it to hit both the Leech and Nash. Destroy the Leech and Nash will talk again and start using magic attacks such as Blizzard.

Keep up the pressure on him, and he might summon the Leech a second time.

After the battle, leave by a hidden door at the lower left of the room. Walk up the grass and check out the Elven Shrine. The magic in Lita's artifact of power is strengthened... Then, she gets Arlen's Bracelet which upgrades her accessory slot to Tier II and learns her Ultimate skill Sunlight Fury. The Artifacts Quest is updated and the next destination is the Holy Land and the Temple of Orlian.

The curse is lifted and the Trophy: Savoir of Aloria is earned.

Lita finds herself at the edge of the Blood Forest and Seri wants to go the Orchards. Lita won't let you go anywhere else. Walk straight down to reach the Apple Orchards.

Note: There is more treasure back in Arei Ruins, where the vampires were meeting. Essence: Water is one of them. Go back when you can.

Route to Aloria
Walk straight down the Orchards and over the bridge down. You'll see a Fairy Circle here. Use it to reach the northeast of the screen where you'll see another circle. Land and open a chest to find Elixir: Power II x3. Travel straight down to land in another circle at the right of a bridge which provides a short-cut. Cross that bridge back to the left and head up to the bridge junction and go right, into Starway. Walk down to the bridge where you'll find Adrian.

After a scene, continue down to Aloria. Adrian will receive additional levels up to level 13 and learn his Ultimate skill, Last Stand. Use up all his points, and this point it's wise to distribute them fairly evenly so his Wisdom and Agility gets a boost as well as his stats.

threetimes has written 60+ guides for GameFAQs, mostly for JRPGs. Her "Best. Game. Ever" is Shadow Hearts Covenant and her favourite franchise is Metal Max.