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by threetimes

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Guide and Walkthrough by threetimes

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 10/23/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2020 | Highest Rated Guide


ARA FELL: Enhanced Edition (PS4)

Walkthrough/FAQ (PS4)
written by threeetimes May 2020
Version 1.03

DeveloperStegosoft Games
PublisherDangen Entertainment
PlatformsPS4, XBox One, Switch, IOS, PC, Mac, Linux, Android
Release Date26th March 2020

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The Game
Ara Fell started life as an RPG Maker 2003 project. This 16-bit era Japanese-style RPG has since been released on Steam and has now been re-released in a greatly expanded form with many enhancements, including "a revamped battle system, new character classes and skills, new side quests, an overhauled UI, upgraded crafting system, new enchanting system, enhanced aspect ratios, new difficulty modes, an autosave feature, Twitch integration, and more!" (from Steam).

Although the game is the creation of an American team they have done more than simply honour the JRPG tradition: they have made a fantastic turn-based RPG about a plucky bow-wielding teenage girl (and allies) who live on a floating land that has some troubling Vampires determined to do no good at all. It reminds me of the first Suikoden and early Dragon Quests with the engaging story and world lore, expressive character sprites, interesting side-quests, and imaginative boss fights.

I enjoyed playing the game so much I couldn't stop until I finished it, and then, of course, had to play it again to write this guide. Many thanks to GameFAQs user cns00 who persuaded me to play Ara Fell in the first place because he wanted a walkthrough for it!

The Guide
This guide is based on playing the game using Normal difficulty. However, to earn all trophies the game must be beaten on Expert difficulty, selecting this at the start and not changing it at all. I'd suggest enabling Story Mode which allows the player to defeat most enemies with one hit. That enables fast levelling up on enemy mobs and it will be easier to gain all trophies. The difficulty of the battles will be Normal, and you have the Story option there if you want to use it. Then, play a second time on Expert to gain the Platinum trophy.

There are some things that you should know when following this walkthrough:

  • Follow the walkthrough and you will obtain all trophies apart from the Master Tactician, which requires playing the game on Expert difficulty. There is a separate section that describes how to obtain this trophy.
  • Each section of the walkthrough starts with a summary showing what materials can be collected, what kind of enemies are encountered, and what treasure is found which includes treasure chests and important items such as Relics and Enchantments.
  • Any current quests are shown in the summary as well as in the main text.
  • Treasure chest contents, Relics, and Enchantments are highlighted like this: Treasure.
  • Some locations have many spots where materials, such as an Angelflower or Crystal, can be collected, and although all locations appear in the text, the material is only named once in the overview.
  • When you receive a new Quest it will be highlighted like this: Quest: Name of Quest.
  • Spoilers for the story are avoided as much as possible.

Please note that I use British English, except when directly referencing the game.


After I wrote most of this guide the game was updated to Version 1.01. Here is the full list of the changes.

Version 1.00 Added two new sections: Characters and the Master Tactician Trophy. Included HP values for Expert difficulty for all bosses.
Version 1.01 Improved the Equipment section, made some corrections, and simplified the TOC.
Version 1.02 Made a few alterations and additions, and improved the TOC, again, I hope for the final time.
Version 1.03 Added a section on the Epilogue.
Version 1.04 Added a section on the buff/debuff trophies.
threetimes has written 60+ guides for GameFAQs, mostly for JRPGs. Her "Best. Game. Ever" is Shadow Hearts Covenant and her favourite franchise is Metal Max.