Where can I go to get a good deck ?

  1. I’m new to the game recently started and I’m wondering what’s a good deck to go for without banned cards and where can I get the monsters for it ? I’m really fond of Kaiba and blue eyes monsters personal favourites but any help would be appreciated I can’t find anywhere online for this kinda thing so

    User Info: MandemOnBlock68

    MandemOnBlock68 - 2 months ago


  1. I found a YouTube video for this deck. I'm working on building it:

    3x Blue-eyes white dragon - Seito
    3x Blue-eyes chaos max dragon - Seito
    3x Blue-eyes chaos dragon -Seito
    3x Senju of the ten thousand hands - Joey
    3x Impcantation Candoll -Joey
    3x Impcantation Talismandra -Joey
    3x Impcantation Chalislime - Varis
    2x Bingo Machine - Seito
    3x Chaos Form - Seito
    3x Melody of Awakening Dragon - Seito
    3x Trade In - Seito
    3x Advanced Ritual Art - Joey
    3x Creature Swap - Bakura
    3x Monster Reborn - Yugi

    User Info: Saiman

    Saiman - 1 month ago 0   0

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