List of Nemesis supply crate drops?

  1. Was wondering if there's a list of Nemesis supply crate drops?
    And which one of them are weapon upgrades or something important?

    From what I can tell so far, he dropped two weapon upgrades. The first right after you restore power to the subway. And the second right after you fix the subway routes and see him transform a zombie outside the donut shop.

    After that I've gotten Nemesis to drop some shotgun shells when he chases Jill from the subway station (right before she crawls to the vents into the sewers), and some flame rounds (6x I believe) when he chases Jill as she's about to get back to the subway before it takes off.

    Anything else?

    User Info: Hikusai

    Hikusai - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. every time you encounter him he can drop a crate, just did a run with the rocket launcher to test it.
    first coming back from the power grid - extended clip
    2nd - when he turns zombies into tentacle-zombies - supressor
    3rd- ammo (chase on the subway)
    4 - first rocket sequence - ammo
    5 - second rocket sequence - ammo
    6 - before returning to subway (after the big head falls) ammo

    that's it

    User Info: alekpecchio

    alekpecchio - 1 month ago 6   0


  1. Damn.... Remember the days of him dropping weapon parts?

    User Info: ottselmaster

    ottselmaster - 4 weeks ago 2   0
  2. I believe it is just those 4 drops, watch Carcinogensda run on YouTube

    User Info: BOSSNAKE87

    BOSSNAKE87 - 1 month ago 3   2

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