Why won't my grenades explode when I throw them?

  1. Whenever I throw my grenades they just sorta disappear. I've wasted three now trying to use them on crowds of zombies.

    User Info: CobraKiller075

    CobraKiller075 - 1 month ago
  2. It's a bug in the game I had it, the grenades would be thrown but nothing would happen I then had a grenade launcher and that too wouldn't work it would shoot go down in ammo by 1 but nothing would happen no explosions no damage to enemy. This happened until I got killed for the first time I pressed contine rather than load last save and the grenades started working

    User Info: Lee19812020

    Lee19812020 - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Is this really even a question? Though I assume it might be a bug/glitch however if they're not exploding.

    However, if its a regular grenade, they cause explosion damage, if its a flashbang, it blinds the enemies temporarily. Also, make sure not to throw them very far or out of bounds else they won't work.

    User Info: Stray_Zero

    Stray_Zero (Expert) - 1 month ago 1   3

Top Voted Answer

  1. Make sure you've d/l the day one patch. That solve the problem for me.

    User Info: Special_n00b

    Special_n00b - 1 month ago 1   0

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