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Super Box Land Demake is a 2D top-down puzzle game with colorful pixelated graphics where you can solve puzzles playing alone or with a friend.

You'll need to push boxes to the right places to open the gate and go to the next level. You'll be able to play in single-player mode controlling 1 or 2 characters at same time, or in local co-op mode with a friend, changing modes on the fly during levels the way you prefer.

To help you on your puzzle quest, you'll have a Magic Cam! A powerful device, that permits you go back in time and undo some movements. But watch out your battery meter! Your Magic Cam needs batteries to keep working. Can you solve the puzzles and reach the end of this puzzling adventure? So keep your brain sharp and let's go!

This game is a Demake version of "Sokoban Land DX", featuring Completely new graphics, new Bonus Levels and other improvements.

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