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Master thieves
Complete all the trophies
Heart of gold
Complete Treasure World
Star raider
Complete Star World
Wheels on meals
Complete Multiplayer Mode
Groundhog day
Rewind 200 Slabs
Welcome to the jungle
Complete Jungle World
Smoke on the water
Complete Water World
Sound of silence
Complete Mystic World
Hotter than hell
Complete Magma World
High five 25 times
Deep thinker
Spend 5 minutes thinking
You can do it!
Without possible movements 20 times
Be kind, rewind
Rewind 50 Slabs
Green Sam
Unlock Jacky
High five!
High five
Back to the past
Use the Rewind
Ghost buster
Complete a Kaktun level
Cable guy
Get caught by Kaktun
The multiverse
Play a Story mode level with Jacky
Jacky's Mansion
Play a Kaktun level with Jacky
Try it again!
Without possible movements in a level

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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