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Adventure in a powered-up world!

New elements have been added to "Yo-Kai Watch 4" where you can enjoy stories that transcend the time and space of the four worlds, starting with the mysterious "Tobira", and power up!

> Multiplayer "Purapura Busters" in which everyone can battle together is a plus!
In addition to local communication where you can play with friends and family nearby, Internet communication is also possible, and up to 4 people can participate.
Choose your favorite yo-kai and challenge your enemies in cooperation with your friends!

> An exciting new area is a plus!
The familiar "Dandanzaka" and the "Kamaboiled Hell" of the demon world have appeared. Run around the old-fashioned streets and areas with a hellish atmosphere!

> Yo-kai full of individuality are added one after another!
Not only the yo-kai you are familiar with in the series, but also the yo-kai you meet for the first time. Make friends with many yo-kai!

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