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A Real Hero
Obtain every trophy.
Emphasize your specialty.
Use Quirk Specials 100 times.
Complete Harmony
Use sidekicks 10 times.
My time has come.
Use sidekicks 50 times.
Puts in minimal effort
Used Sidekick Plus Ultra 10 times.
Let me spill your blood!
Perform 1,000 combos against opponents.
Speedy Veteran
Perform a Plus Ultra Finish.
Go above and beyond!
Perform 50 Plus Ultras using heroes.
Even more chaos
Perform a Plus Ultra 50 times using a Villain.
Strong Bonds
Connected with Plus Ultra All with a certain team.
Can’t stop blinking
View 30 characters' battle entrances.
Battlefield Overlord
Fought on 10 stages in local matches.
You’re next
Won against 30 Heroes.
I came to settle this!
Won against 30 Villains.
A Battle with Life on the Line
Fought 1 online battle.
The world is so huge.
Fought 10 online battles.
You’ll become recognized as a man among men.
Fought 30 online battles.
Plain Old Tsuyu
Obtain 100 player customization items.
Frank Talker
Obtain 200 player customization items.
Item Maniac
Obtain 300 player customization items.
Item Collector
Obtain 400 player customization items.
Check out my customization!
Obtain 150 character customization items.
Fashion Monster
Obtain 250 character customization items.
Fashion Master
Obtain 350 character customization items.
All charged up!
Obtain 450 character customization items.
Famous Hero
Acquired 25 titles.
Look inward to think of who you want to be!
Acquired 50 titles.
Desire to Move Up
Acquired 75 titles.
Meat Lover
Acquire 100 titles.
Party People
Collected 25,000 hero coins.
More, more! More excitement!
Collect 50,000 hero coins.
Business Course
Collected 75,000 hero coins.
Pure Celebrity
Collect 100,000 hero coins.
Crucial Event
Completed ‘Beginning of the end, end of the beginning’ story.
If my arms are no good, my legs will do!
Completed ‘Shoot Style’ story.
Save and win, win and save.
Completed ‘Same Dream’ story.
Completed ‘End of the First Day’ story.
After you crack, harden up!
Completed ‘Red Riot’ story.
Strong vision.
Completed ‘Bright Future’ story.
I might be able to see that person again!
Completed ‘Fleeting Feeling’ story.
...and for your sake, you'll do this.
Completed ‘For Someone’ story.
Breaking the Laws of Nature
Completed ‘Rewinding Quirk’ story.
The Desired Future
Cleared all Hero chapters in Story Mode.
One's Justice
Complete every story chapter.
Vanguard Action Squad
Achieved a total character level of 50 or higher in Mission Mode.
I just do things how I want
Achieved a total character level of 100 or higher in Mission Mode.
Later seems to be okay...
Achieved a total character level of 500 or higher in Mission Mode.
Won 10 battles using heroes.
I'll Win
Won 30 battles using heroes.
Malice... That’s completely unexpected.
Won 10 battles using villains.
Ruiner of the Present
Won 30 battles using villains.
Elusive Hero Killer
Cleared Mission ‘Practice Run’.
Passionate Hero
Cleared Mission ‘Hero Show’.
Gang Hero
Cleared Mission ‘Survival’.
Lemillion is making me feel disgusted.
Cleared Mission ‘Mirio’s Challenge’.
I want to get to know you better.
Cleared Mission ‘Capture the Criminal’.
Don’t make me get my hands dirty!
Cleared 10 routes in Arcade Mode.
Every last one of them!
Cleared 50 routes in Arcade Mode.

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