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First Victory War Cry
Take out one mid-boss.
Darkness's True Form
Take out a Moyakun.
Double Dragon Roar
Become friends with Ryuji.
A Step Towards a New Future
Defeat a big boss.
Unyielding Justice
Replay the game for a second time.
Awakening Powers
Obtain one character skill.
All Powers Have Been Awakened!!
One character has all skills at level 5.
Hot Blooded Tough Guy, Activate!
Play as Kunio
Witness the Power of the Man from the Future
Play as Mizoguchi
Trump Card to Victory
Trade out an equipped item for the first time.
Master of Grand Techniques
Defeat an enemy with a level 3 special attack.
Don't Go Easy On Them Because They're Evil
Choose a pursuit attack.
Farewell My Love...
Receive Ending E.
A Future Unchanged...
Receive Ending B.
Today is the Day
Clear the game once.
Player Used Seize
Ride a UFO outside the UFO Shooting Stage.
Journey to a Wonderful Future
Receive the True Ending.
The Overwhelming Force of Justice
All skills acquired for every character.
All the Time Traveler's Items
Collect all equippable items.
The One to Surpass the Time Traveler
Clear the game within 30 minutes.

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