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can anyone help with teams? Build *new* 2 13 hours ago
Am i still considered f2p when I purchase the battle pass? Plot 3 16 hours ago
Why can't I play co-op or enter my teapot? Tech Support *new* 2 20 hours ago
how can i fix my teapot, i cant enter it what should i do? Tech Support *new* 1 1 day ago
Is sayu okay for hu tao? Plot 3 2 days ago
What is a good Raiden/Childe comp? Build *new* 1 3 days ago
Give me a team comp? Build 1 3 days ago
Why isn't my wish history showing up? Tech Support *new* 1 4 days ago
What happens with the Conch Chests? Side Quest 2 4 days ago
Can I use the same account on multiple devices? Tech Support 1 4 days ago
What's the Diluc team rotation? Build 2 1 week ago
Is Ayaka, Baal, Mona and Qiqi a good team? Build 1 1 week ago
How much Masterless Stardust do you get in a 10-pull? Tech Support 1 1 week ago
does my limited weapon pity reset after different banners? Tech Support 2 1 week ago
Why is my Raiden's damage so incredibly low? Build 0 1 week ago
Spiral Abyss help? Enemy/Boss 1 1 week ago
Am i guaranteed the childe on the next banner? Main Quest 2 1 week ago
IS kokomi worth wishing for? Main Quest 4 1 week ago
Is ningguang, razor, bennett, barabara a good party setup? Build 3 1 week ago
i have a genshin on a ps4 account that i can't get into.can i get into the genshin account on a different ps4 account ? Tech Support 1 1 week ago
I have more then 90 wishes in genshin but still no 5 star, why? Tech Support 3 1 week ago
Childe or Hu tao? Build 3 1 week ago
Should I risk it all for Thoma? Build 1 2 weeks ago
How to get Raimei Angelfish? Side Quest 1 2 weeks ago
Are the anniversary rewards login-only? Tech Support 2 2 weeks ago
Do unused Intertwined Fates carry over to next banner? Tech Support 2 2 weeks ago
How do I open the gate with no lock inside Suigetsu Pool? Side Quest 4 2 weeks ago
What's good for Diluc? Build 2 3 weeks ago
Does anybody have any issue with bosses suddenly resetting itself? (Cryo regisvine and other bosses)? Enemy/Boss 2 3 weeks ago
What is the chance in getting a 5 star in 80 pulls? Side Quest 2 3 weeks ago
Who is the best 5 star in Genshin Impact? Build 3 3 weeks ago
How to get Fillet Blade? Build 1 3 weeks ago
Just got the Sacrificial Sword on a wish, but i cant equip it on Xingqiu? Build 2 3 weeks ago
why did i not get Raiden after getting Jean on Yoimiyas banner? Tech Support 3 3 weeks ago
What would be a good team comp for my characters? Build 2 3 weeks ago
Why does the camera keep zooming in? Tech Support 2 4 weeks ago
i have all six books of divine halberd achievement but still its showing as not completed, can anyone help? Tech Support 1 4 weeks ago
Can i do the "Seirai stormchasers: part IV" quest in co-op? Enemy/Boss 1 4 weeks ago
Do you really need to minmax for abyss? Build 1 4 weeks ago
I cannot update Genshin Impact.I click on the launcher but there is no progress in the download queue? Tech Support 1 4 weeks ago
Does pity carry over different banner types? Build 4 4 weeks ago
My ayaka is lvl 82, crit dmg 201, crit rate 52, cryo dmg bonus 61, talent lvls 8, but why does she deals so small? Build 2 4 weeks ago
Why cant i get sword of descension? Tech Support 1 4 weeks ago
What's the best build for physical dps diluc? Build 1 4 weeks ago
Can I take fish from players who haven't unlocked fishing yet? Main Quest 1 1 month ago
By your opinion, what is the best Realm Layout for the teapot? Why? Side Quest 1 1 month ago
What is the best team for Raiden? Build 1 1 month ago
Best team to invest? Build 3 1 month ago
What are the best f2p teams for the abyss (with the characters I currently have)? Build 2 1 month ago
How do I know how many wishes I have on a SINGLE banner? Tech Support 3 1 month ago
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