Why is c6 bennett so bad??

  1. So he converts all phys dmg for polearm,claymore, and sword characters to pyro dmg right? So ppl are saying that it ruins your dmg?? So what if I like build my whole team with insane elemental mastery for reactions basically building it around bennett, would that work? I’m very curious about the whole c6 bennett thing since I(used to) main ganyu and didn’t affect me much.

    But yeah, I don’t really see what’s so bad about it?? If the weapon is infused with pyro does that mean the main element your character produces is also going to be pyro? No, right?

    So then why is he(his c6) so hated against?? Don’t reactions go off just fine or am I missing a link here? What if I build my team with er/elemental mastery and only one person with insane phys dmg? Would my choice to c6 bennett for the cryo flower(I hate that thing, curse you cocogoat and qiqi) be alright?

    Coming from someone who c6d bennett, I see mo difference? Reactions still occur, it’s not like everything is pyro? That’s why I want an explanation!
    FlabbyVampire37 - 3 weeks ago - report
  2. It only benefits 5 characters, Keqing, Diluc, Xiangling, Hu Tao, and Bennett. Of which only 2 have meta comps.

    It restricts a fairly large chunk of compositions that Bennett could've supported, but again only a few meta comps.

    If you're running 1 of the 5 characters listed as your main dps and can't quite clear abyss 36* then it might be worth while to do it just to give you a bit of a boost for those extra primo gems every 2 weeks. Though you should do a little research on your specific comp just to make sure that it won't hurt you.

    Apart from that it's unnecessary and could screw you over down the road.
    Protian - 3 weeks ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. The reason why Bennett is so beloved by the community is due to his near universal attack buff and healing support that "Just Works™" with almost any team composition you could throw at him.

    Lets take the national team that many people use: Chongyun, Xiangling, Bennett, Xingqiu. Chongyun is very important in allowing hits that cause reverse melt or vaporize due to his Cyro infusion skill and having Bennett's ult giving an attack increase within Chongyun's aura.

    Now lets consider when we upgrade Bennett to C6. When you do the above combination to proc reverse melt or vaporize, what instead will happen is that Bennett's C6 status will override Chongyun's Cyro application. That effectively renders Chongyun's main skill with this composition completely inert and making him only useful for pyro/normal auto attacks (which is a massive DPS loss) or his burst. This is an example where C6 Bennett ruins this team composition while C5 and below enhances it.

    It's these elemental infusion overrides that kill so many team compositions in similar ways. It does improve some team compositions revolving Pyro as DPS, Anemo + Pyro, or DPSs that have their own personal infusions that can't be overridden (Tartaglia). It also enables the niche Pyro Keqing playstyle. Outside of that, it drastically reduces his flexibility with teams.

    Players are very strongly cautioned to think about activating his C6 because once you do, you cannot take it back. A lot of players regret doing so after finding out that C6 Bennett reduces overall DPS with their main teams after upgrading him.
    Life_Sympathy (Expert) - 3 weeks ago - report 6   1

Top Voted Answer

  1. C6 isn't bad. It just steals his versatility. However, at the same time, it does increase damage for certain pyro based comp.

    So essentially you're trading versatility for specific-but-stronger support. But the biggest selling point of Bennett's burst in the first place is that it is near-universal buff which helps everyone.
    FrostedEevee - 3 weeks ago - report 5   2
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