Xingqiu, fischl, barbara and hu tao are a good team??

  1. I have yanfei and rosaria too, I should change something?

    User Info: MetalValkyrie40

    MetalValkyrie40 - 2 weeks ago
  2. A good team for what purpose? Domains? Spiral Abyss?

    Like if you're still exploring the open world, then this team is lacking someone capable of farming hard rocks, like crystals. Fischl can solve non-fire archery puzzles, but neither Xingqiu, nor Barbara are helpful for most puzzle types. However, Barbara is a useful character to have against the Pyro Regisvine mini-boss you'll need to fight to ascend Hu Tao.

    Genshin Impact is less about picking 4 characters that you stick with forever, and more about flexibility where one or two members are switched out when the situation calls for it. Powerful team combinations are generally meant for tackling difficult floors in the Spiral AbyssLike if you're doing the Spiral Abyss and fought an Electro Fatui Agent, then not having a Cryo character in the team means you have to defeat that guy first before he activates his shield, which is made harder if he's paired with a Hydro Fatui Agent that often forces players to focus them first.

    In any case, Xingqiu & Hu Tao are a strong combination. Barbara is detrimental to Hu Tao's gimmick of dealing more damage at lower HP, so Noelle may be more useful to have, since she can provide Hu Tao a shield to keep her safe. However, Barbara will generate more energy for Xingqiu so Hu Tao can deal vaporise damage.

    User Info: Taruby

    Taruby - 2 weeks ago


  1. I honestly think that the Xinqiu can do the job for healing, the sword he creates when using his skill and burst heal to the character on field after a while, you might want to build Xinqiu around Energy Recharge so you don’t have to worry about energy particles, the Sacrificial Sword is a great option for him since it has 50% chance of reducing the cooldown entirely every once in a while and it also has ER as a sub-stat so you can activate his burst really quickly without worrying too much about his skill’s 20sec cooldown.

    Other than that, I’d recommend switching Barbara for a character that specializes in crowd control (ex. sucrose, venti, kazuha, anemo traveler or jean) so that it’s easier to group enemies together and hu tao can attack more enemies at once since she’s more of a single-target unit (as well as you mentioned Fischl on the team, because overload pushes enemies away so it could be a waste of your stamina to try and reach your enemies after triggering a reaction) or maybe Diona who both shields and heals

    User Info: pyramidofwrath

    pyramidofwrath - 1 day ago 0   0

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