IS kokomi worth wishing for?

  1. i have been saving a lot of wishes and i want hutao too but should i get kokomi?

    User Info: AlmondSkyseer56

    AlmondSkyseer56 - 2 weeks ago

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  1. Kokomi is really good if you're willing to build a team around her. She provides Zhongli levels of "comfyness" and if you're newer to the game I think she'd be an excellent addition to your team. She'll make a lot of content trivial (similar to what zhongli provides) and help you progress swiftly. The main drawback is that you have to build your team around her whereas Zhongli can be slotted into just about any team.

    However, the main thing holding people back from wishing for her is that they've already got 5* DPS carries and she doesn't pair well with the majority of the 5* DPS carries. In a "waifu" style gacha game you're probably fairly attached to your rare, costly, and powerful 5* dps that you already invested heavily in and don't want to have to bench it for a new healer. Since Kokomi mainly pairs with 4* off field style dps characters she's not very enticing for veteran players to pull for.

    The 2 5* DPS carries that she can work well with are Ganyu and Ayaka though you will have to play them a bit more like a support with less on field time.

    User Info: Protian

    Protian (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 4   1


  1. Kokomi is a useful character if you have no Xinqui, in my opinion. She would be very handy for anti-pyro situations like the new Hypostasis or the old Regisvine and obviously the Fatui gunner.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 0   0
  2. then is kokomi or xingqiu better

    User Info: AlmondSkyseer56

    AlmondSkyseer56 - 2 weeks ago
  3. Xingqiu is the best support in the game.
    However, you can only have a single Xingqiu, which leads to the question of which support you want to have on your secondary team.

    Whether Kokomi is worth it depends on whether you like her design and play-style. Right now, people believe Kokomi is an underwhelming support since they've already invested and raised other supports that are good enough, and having an extra support that's probably only marginally more useful than Barbara in certain situations is just going to be a waste of primogems and other resources that could be better spent on a much more useful character in the future.

    User Info: Taruby

    Taruby - 2 weeks ago
  4. Pros:

    Story presents her as down to earth and caring leader with sympathetic troubles.
    Pretty good Healer and water applicator.
    Useful with HP%/Healing Bonus Artifacts.
    Good design especially if you really like Mermaids.
    Pretty cost effective character that doesn't need too many resources.

    For a 5* she doesn't do the damage you'd expect.
    A few characters have better passive healing effects or better healing effects.
    Her burst's effectiveness requires her to be on the field not doing as much damage as your DPS and it costs a lot more energy.
    Her skill limits her healing and water application range.

    User Info: Fearfuture

    Fearfuture - 1 week ago 0   0
  5. No, kokomi is for people that really like her, if hutao someone you really want, then save for her. Kokomi is only for those that know what they are doing and know that she is helpful.

    Use barbera and ask your self "do I need a slide grade to this?" I only rolled on kokomi is because the mermaid aesthetic is big for me. Her play sucks though if things are alive long enough where you need to refresh the jellyfish. I really wish she worked like fishl at least, needing to have it still out to refresh it sucks and can interfere with rotation timings

    User Info: Squidkids

    Squidkids - 2 weeks ago 4   5

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