What's good for Diluc?

  1. Just got him on standard banner. I would have preferred Keqing or even a weapon, but it is what it is. Since I have him anyway, he'd be good for Abyss. I need help with building him though.

    Team: I have all 4*s (except Sayu). I have Aloy and Qiqi, too. I also have Klee, Mona, Jean, and Kazuha, but that's my main team.
    For constellations, I have Diona C6, Ningguang C4, Razor, Bennett, and Xiangling C3, Sucrose, Rosaria, Xinyan, Fischl, Barbara, Lisa, and Yanfei C2, then Xingqiu, Noelle, and Chongyun C1.
    I'd like to run Diluc with XQ and Bennett, but I have no idea as to who I'm gonna put in the last slot. Would Rosaria be good? Or is there a better comp with my other characters?

    Weapon: WGS. Need I say more?

    Artifacts: 4pc CWoF is the best set for him, right? But from my research, I've gathered that the stats of the pieces depend on who his team is, which is why I put the team section first.

    I'm kind of annoyed that I got Diluc, but it'd be a waste not to build him.
    Anything helps. Thank you ^^

    User Info: YoungGuardian35

    YoungGuardian35 - 3 weeks ago

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  1. Yes, go with CWoF

    Sands - ATK% / Elemental Mastery
    Goblet - Pyro DMG
    Circlet - Crit Rate / DMG

    Regarding Main Stats Choice:
    If Diluc is run alongside Xingqiu where he can trigger vaporize very often, you can run EM sands as an alternative to ATK sands. EM boosts Diluc's reaction damage by a lot after all. Note that when Diluc's Pyro imbued basic attack is active, he can trigger Vaporize every 2 basic attacks due to internal cooldown.

    For his team you want Xingqiu and Bennett 1000%.

    The best flex spot for him is generally an anemo with 4pc VV, Kazuha is probably best because he can buff Xingqiu and Diluc (if you know what you're doing), but if you're not running EM sands then Sucrose is pretty competitive as well.

    In regards to your attitude about Diluc, I would much rather have a 5* dps carry with their BIS 5* weapon than a better 5* carry with a 4* weapon in almost all cases, the only exception is probably Ganyu because she's so overpowered that it's like having a 5* dps w/ a 5* weapon anyway. A 5* weapon increases their DPS by like 25%. IDK though, maybe you have a ton of 5* weapons so it's irrelevant to your decision making for characters.

    User Info: Protian

    Protian (Expert) - 3 weeks ago 3   0
  2. I read this in the Helper Team's spreadsheet, but I'm still pretty unsure. Don't get me wrong- all of their builds are legit, but I just needed some more input from the community. Thank you though ^^

    I do understand that many people would prefer a character over a weapon, but it's really just personal preference for me. I'm quite content with my teams, so getting a 5* sword or polearm would be nice.
    And I don't have any 5* Electro units, which is why I would have liked Keqing :(

    User Info: YoungGuardian35

    YoungGuardian35 - 3 weeks ago


  1. Rosaria is not a good addition because her freeze will result in Diluc only shattering and not melting which is a huge drop in damage. Your best flex options besides Kazuha and Mona from your main team are Sucrose and Fischl. I dont think that Sucrose's presence changes anything about EM sands being better for a WGS Diluc, especially if she wields Thrilling Tales.

    User Info: TrueArchery

    TrueArchery (Expert) - 3 weeks ago 2   0

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