What is the chance in getting a 5 star in 80 pulls?

  1. On the standard character banner, I have about 80 wishes. Does anyone know what is the chance of getting a 5 star character at this point?

    User Info: casaladory

    casaladory - 3 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 0.6% per pull, % doesn't raise by doing more pulls. It will always be a 0.6% chance.

    If you are at 80 pulls why not just save up another 10 because at 90 pulls it's a guaranteed 5*. On the standard banner there is no rate up so when you hit pity at 90 pulls it will be completely random, unlike specific Rate Up banners which follow a 90 = 50/50 rollover system the standard banner will always be at 90 = random 5* weapon OR character.

    Pity does build up, even if they change the display/characters on the banner it will always rollover so if you already did 10 pulls and you currently have 80 now you are guaranteed a 5* on your last pull.

    User Info: SlowkuGaming

    SlowkuGaming - 3 weeks ago 1   1
  2. The pity system actually has a soft pity to it that begins at 75 wishes. It begins increasing the probability of a 5* payout on every pull after 75 until it has increased to a total of 100% probability on the 90th pull (assuming you don't hit it before).

    That's why it's recommended to begin single pulling after 74 wishes to maximize the banner efficiency when players want to immediately begin saving up for the next banner.

    User Info: Life_Sympathy

    Life_Sympathy - 3 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Softpity begins at (not after!) the 74th pull. This is proven by all the collected banner data where a consistent spike in 5* rolls is observed starting after the 73rd wish. Going all the way to 90 is literally unheard of in a sample of millions of wishes, going past 80 is already considered unlucky. You will get your 5* within the next few singles. The lions share of 5* pulls is within 74-83 with the peak in the high 70s.

    If you want to maximize wish efficiency you should do exclusively singles because the probability of at least one 5* before softpity is still around 1/3 which is non neglegible.

    User Info: TrueArchery

    TrueArchery (Expert) - 3 weeks ago 3   1

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