Is my team comp, well, passable?

  1. After careful consideration, I have decided to finally change my team comp. After stubbornly ignoring the advice that my friends have given me, someone here suggested a pretty good team comp for me.

    Klee | Xingqiu | Jean | Kazuha

    Klee - Main DPS.
    Xingqiu - Hydro support/sub-DPS hybrid to proc Vaporize for Klee DMG boost.
    Jean - Healer.
    Kazuha - Sub-DPS for Klee (to gather up mines).

    Before this, I was using Qiqi (full healer) instead of Jean and Razor (Electro DPS) instead of Kazuha because I wanted all four elements (ik that both Razor and Klee are selfish DPSs i just needed an electro claymore okay.. i just got Beidou now from the event).
    But then I realized that the Anemo Resonance, Impetuous Winds, worked perfectly for my Klee. The 15% stamina consumption decrease would be very useful for charge attacking. The 10% movement SPD increase would be a pretty good bonus. People say that she's clunky to play, but I have LPSW on Klee and I've never had or noticed that problem. I love her playstyle. Still, the movement SPD would be useful. Lastly, the 5% Elemental Skill CD decrease. To be honest, it doesn't have a giant impact. But it's still pretty useful; 1 second decrease for Xingqiu's GS:FR.

    Also, what builds should I use?
    Klee has 4pc CWoF, LPSW.
    Xingqiu uses 4pc Glad., and will use Sacrificial (which used to be on Qiqi)
    Jean is ??? (I want her to be strong enough to support Xingqiu & Kazuha vs. Pyro enemies, but without compromising too much healing bonus.)
    Kazuha is an unsure build. For now I just use the sets that give his Elemental Skill a DMG boost. Weapon is the BP one.

    Anyway, that's pretty much it.
    Should I wat for Sayu to fill Jean's spot or would Jean be good? (Some 4*s are better than other 5*s, you never know.)


    User Info: YoungGuardian35

    YoungGuardian35 - 1 month ago
  2. Note that if your Xingqiu isn't C6 he will be cannibalizing some vaporizes from Klee because he can't keep up with her pyro application. By that I mean Klee will put pyro aura up and Xingqiu will trigger the vaporize giving him 2x damage on the attack that triggered it.

    C6 gives him extra swords on his burst which lets him move through his ICD faster and keep hydro aura up more easily.

    User Info: Protian

    Protian - 1 month ago
  3. Ohh, okay. He's only C3 :(
    Would anyone else be better in his spot? I don't have another Hydro (aside from Barbs) so maybe I should go for Cryo? Because f I used Electro, it would result in Overloaded which knocks back enemies, making it harder for Klee to hit them.

    (The ones listed above are literally my only 5*s lmao)

    User Info: YoungGuardian35

    YoungGuardian35 - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The character choices are fine. Let's work on refining their builds:

    Weapon: Sacred Winds is fine
    Artifacts. 4-set Flames is fine. Follow standard DPS of Sands ATK%, Globlet Pryo, Circlet Crit Dmg / Crit Rate.
    Substats: Crit Rate > Crit Dmg > Atk% > EM > ER

    Weapon: Sacrificial Sword as you mentioned is the #1 weapon for him.

    Artifacts: Change to using Emblem of Severed Fate. Pick Energy Recharge for you sands, Hydro for goblet, and Crit Rate/Dmg on Circlet. Substats should favor Crit Rate > Crit Dmg > Atk% > Energy Recharge > Elementary Mastery.

    Weapons: (Top most categories are stronger)
    Lucky 5* Weapon Rolls: Primordial Jade Cutter > Summit Shaper
    Weapon Event Gains: Festering Desire
    Craftables: Amenoma Kageuchi
    Lucky 4* Weapon Rolls: The Flute > Lion's Roar
    Energy Problems: Favonious Sword
    Zero Luck: Fillet Blade

    Artifacts: 4 Piece Viridescent Venerer. Sands ATK% or ER. Goblet Anemo Dmg. Circlet Crit Rate / DMG / ATK%
    Substats: Crit Rate > Crit Dmg > ATK% > ER > EM

    Weapon: (Top most categories are stronger)
    Lucky 5* Rolls: Freedom Sworn > Skyward Blade
    Lucky 4* Rolls: Sacrificial Sword > Favonius Sword
    Craftables: Amenoma Kageuchi > Iron Sting
    Zero Luck: Dark Iron Sword

    Artifacts: 4 Piece Viridescent Venerer. Elemental Mastery the everything here.

    User Info: Life_Sympathy

    Life_Sympathy (Expert) - 1 month ago 2   0

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