What's a good team build and how to increase DMG?

  1. Beforehand, I want to note that I'm F2P.

    My main team is:
    Keqing (main DPS)
    - Lion's Roar
    - 4 pc Berserker, crit dmg circlet

    Xiangling (sub-DPS)
    - Dragon's Bane
    -2 pc Instructor, 2 pc Martial Artist, pyro dmg goblet

    Noelle (shield)
    -Sacrificial Greatsword
    - 4 pc Sojourner

    Barbara (heal)
    -Thrilling Tales
    - 4 pc Exile, healing bonus circlet

    I just got Beidou (from the event), but I don't know if it's worth lvling her up since I struggle w/ materials.

    I have my main team, Chongyun, and C1 Kaeya at lvl 60. I have Klee, Traveler, and C1 Amber at lvl 50. I also have Fischl, Rosaria, Xingqiu, and Bennett, but they're all lvl 40.

    My main team has been working fine for me, but I feel like I'm not using them to their highest potential. I main Keqing, but Xingqiu isn't built so it's hard for me to use a good electro-charged comp - which is why I've been using Xiangling (previously Amber) for overloaded. I would use Klee, but my artifacts are trash and her dmg is way too low to be of use. Sometimes, I use Kaeya for superconduct and DPS Xiangling + Chong for melt. I considered using Fischl with Keqing earlier in the game, for Electro resonance and as a battery, but I'm not a fan of her AA playstyle even though Oz is pretty useful.

    I've been prioritizing dmg output on my DPS, since materials are limited, yet the max dmg Keqing can reach is about 3-4k. I'm at AR 41 and struggle with building chars (lmao sad ik). It'd be great if I could get some tips on my main team and ways on how to increase my dmg (ex. weapon and artifact options, preferably 4 star ones).

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  2. I'm open to multiple suggestions.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Someone else is likely to give more in-depth advice since Spiral Abyss is going to change for the cycle and may require totally different team compositions (i.e. Barbara's healing may be more useful compared to past iterations).

    However, by the looks of it, you're still using the four-star artefacts, so just acquiring 5-star artefacts with good main stats will do wonders for your characters. People put a huge focus on getting perfect sub-stats, but it's more important just to farm artefacts until you acquire acceptable main stats, and pick whichever ones with good main stats also have sub stats that complement your weapon and the end result of raising another artefact to Lv20.

    I would recommend raising Bennett, he heals and buffs everyone's attack with his burst, and his skill can be spammed to generate energy for other character bursts. Bennett makes quickly and consistently using Xiangling's burst much easier (Xiangling's burst will receive the full attack buff from Bennett's burst upon activation and retain it for Xiangling's full burst duration). Farm the Noblesse Artefact domain to get an OK 4-piece set for Bennett (Energy Recharge Sands is good), which will also net you another artefact set (Bloodstained Chivalry) to boost Keqing's attack while paired with a Gladiator set until you can build Keqing with a more suitable set like Paleflame later (the old pieces can go to your other DPS). Give Bennett any weapons that improve his Energy Recharge.

    Building Xiangling to make her a proper Pyro-support with her burst will require farming a horrible artefact domain, but if you're lucky, you can give her a 2-piece Noblesse and 2-piece Wanderer's Troupe until you're ready to beat your head against that particular domain (Crimson Witch). Considering you have Klee, you'll probably want to do this domain after you're done with the Noblesse domain. But I would recommend building your character ascensions and talents before having your soul sucked away by the Crimson Witch RNG.

    1) Work on Bennett Ascension Lv and Burst Talent
    2) Working on Bennett's artefact set will help Keqing and Xiangling indirectly

    The above project will take weeks of your time, and there's a chance with the changes to Spiral Abyss, you may want to focus your efforts elsewhere, but I doubt any changes will make Bennett any less useful and broken than he already is.

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  2. Great answer but Spiral Abyss is far from their priority as a f2p as they are probably still trying to do floor 6 currently.

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