I need help finalizing two teams for genshin impact using these characters. Can anyone help me decide my two teams?

  1. So, Ive raised a lotta characters and I want finalize two teams out of these characters (traveler and hutao should be part of the teams im kinda attached to them, just need help in arrangin them) 5⭐ : traveler C6, hutao C0, mona C0, childe C0, jean C0. 4⭐ : razor C6, diona C4, xingqiu C0, noelle C1, sucrose C0, bennet C0. So among them what teams can be best made for them?

    User Info: CyanMonk58

    CyanMonk58 - 4 weeks ago

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  1. Hu Tao should be tethered at the hip to Xinqgiu, she also likes diona because she prefers shields to heals so she can keep her hp sub 50% but also have some protection. That being said bennett's buff offsets the DPS loss from being healed so it's kind of a wash. For your last slot sucrose is a good choice, she can either apply hydro or give VV buff to pyro.

    Hu Tao

    Traveler is best as Geo and since you don't really have anyone that they can support you'd probably want to main them. Therefore you want Noelle for shields and resonance and bennett if not being used with Hu Tao. If Hu Tao gets bennett than Jean is the next best option. Finally I'd use mona for her damage boost on enemies.

    Traveler (Geo)

    User Info: Protian

    Protian (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 1   0

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