How do I move to PS5 and leave Genshin Impact behind?

  1. My daughter needed my account to play GI onPS4(online). I am going to be going into a PS5 . I do not want to take GI with me.She will inherit the PS4. Is it possible for me to transfer to PS5 and play and her stay on the PS4 and not lose her progress and purchased stuff?

    User Info: Varenskar

    Varenskar - 1 week ago

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  1. You can use the same account on multiple systems without issue. I still play on my PS3 which has the same account info that I transferred to my PS4 when I got that and I've never had any problems. If you don't want GI on your PS5 then just don't download it. As long as you keep it on the PS4 your daughter can play it whenever she wants to regardless of what you're doing on the PS5.

    User Info: Mookiethebold

    Mookiethebold (Expert) - 1 week ago 7   0
  2. This is only to clarify, since Mookie is exactly right: You can absolutely keep playing on the PS5 while she plays on the PS4. The restrictions with who gets to play on which account seem to only apply if you're both playing on two different PS4s, but it doesn't extend to cross-generational play.

    Meaning, of course, she can play GI to her heart's content on PS4 while you play whatever you want on PS5, even with the same account.

    User Info: Anderjak

    Anderjak - 6 days ago

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