razor team or xiao team?

  1. so theres razor xiao kaeya and xingqiu on my team

    i main razor but i want to use xiao as well but i got fishl jn and like yk razor has low AoE so he needs another electro party to help him with that i think??

    should i switch xiao out for fishl so she can support razor

    or should i drop razor and main xiao with fishl, xingqiu and someone else

    oh and i dont have any other anemo character except MC

    pls tell me your opinions im bad at this

    User Info: vxparii

    vxparii - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Your team is actually quite good. I believe that you should definitely replace Xiao with Fischl because Razor is a really selfish character, and you can only do good if you make him your priority in teams. Also, Electro Resonance (Having 2 electros in one team) isn't the best imo. If you ever have the chance, have 2 Cryo in your team, like Razor + Kaeya + Diona (or Qiqi if you're lucky) + Xinqiu because Cryo Resonance is super good for Razor

    User Info: striko

    striko - 1 month ago 2   0

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