Is my Keqing good enough?

  1. My artifacts are some of the luckiest I've ever had, and they are 4pc Thundersoother. My Keqing is Level 80. Lion's Roar is Level 80, no refinement. Ultimate Talent level is 7. I do about half the damage other people with maxed out Keqing and everything. Like they would do an E slash (the blink) for 20,000 and I would do about 12,000. Is this good? Am I missing something or is this natural? Because I am worried I am doing something wrong. (I do 12,000 damage with Bennett's ult btw). My Bennett's ultimate talent level is 8

    User Info: striko

    striko - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hey
    your keqing is pretty good, but i think u should change your weapon as i will give the recommended list of weapons for f2p players.

    You can get any one of these. the third one is easy to get as i is free. so for the artifacts


    And (in case u forgot) just try to max the artifacts and of course the talents .
    Talents are the ones that increase your damage so go for it.

    User Info: Dark_Phantom123

    Dark_Phantom123 - 1 month ago 1   1
  2. Glad to know my keqing is pretty good, was worried I was doing something wrong. Btw, my Keqing is built to be an Electro Keqing, not Physical, and also, I don't have the black sword or the Aquila Favonia, and after rigorous tests, (for Electro Keqing) the Lion's roar is better than the Prototype Rancour.

    User Info: striko

    striko - 1 month ago
  3. Oh also, how are the Aquila Favonia and the Black Sword f2p?

    User Info: striko

    striko - 1 month ago
  4. Hmm sorry maybe that was a mistake in aquila favonia and black sword as f2p

    But still I am happy this helped you,and again your keqing is very good.
    An d also thank you for marking mine as "ONE OF THE BEST ANSWER".


    User Info: Dark_Phantom123

    Dark_Phantom123 - 1 month ago

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