What's the best team comp for Xiao?

  1. Current Team: Chongyun, Venti, C1 Ningguang, C2 Bennett


    C3: Noelle
    C2: Xiangling, Xingqiu, Razor
    C1: Barbara, Fischl, Qiqi, Sucrose, Beidou, Xinyan
    C0: Childe, Mona, Diona,

    I would like to add Xiao to the team, but what's the best comp to have him as DPS?

    User Info: amey

    amey - 3 weeks ago


  1. I would use
    xiao (main dps)
    venti(crowd control and xiao's ult recharge )
    bennet(amazing healing during xiao's ult and damage boost) and
    mona (vaporize,bringing enemy's closer with her E, applying the water element for swirl and giving a
    damage boost to attacks)

    not the best for when your xiao may die but with bennet's ult thats probably not going to happen if you use it properly

    User Info: yesnoyes

    yesnoyes - 1 week ago 0   0
  2. Considering you already have Venti, keep in mind that Xiao isn’t designed for swirl damage. All things considered, having two anemo characters will grant a huge buff to stamina and CD. Definitely use venti for his swirl and support dmg, but you need a healer and someone else to apply elemental damage. You have a good amount of 5 stars, definitely use them in your main team. However you will need to divide them up in the spiral abyss. However, my recommendation for single Xiao team is:
    Xiao (damage)
    Venti (support and elemental buff)
    Qiqi (healer)
    Tartaglia/Mona/Bennet (Go Tartaglia if you want more DPS, Mona for swirl/freeze, Bennet for dmg buffs)

    Lemme know what ya think and I’m curious what you decide to do. Happy hunting for Xiao!

    User Info: BTDaddy

    BTDaddy - 3 weeks ago 6   14

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