Ascend Childe or Mona?

  1. My team consists of Diluc, Childe, Mona, and Diona. They're all at lv. 70.
    I've reached AR 40, and it's more difficult now to farm ascending material. Mona and Childe need the same material, and farming them is a pain in the a**. Especially when fighting those Oceanids. I can't decide who should I continue leveling up.

    I'm also torn between choosing to level up Diluc's talents, or Mona's, since they both require the guide of resistance.

    any advice?

    User Info: moehilal

    moehilal - 2 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I would choose Mona over Childe.

    Here's my reasoning:
    If you're going to invest in Childe you probably want him to be your main carry. Mona is going to be a better burst dps support and a better general support.

    Current state spiral abyss favors Diluc and Klee heavily because floor 12 gives a 75% pyro buff. Additionally floor 11 has a lot of cryo shields that pyro can quickly remove. You are going to want a water DPS for floor 10, but Mona is more than capable of handling it and it's not nearly as hard as floor 12.

    As a primary DPS Childe's support team takes much more investment than the other primary dps characters. This is something that you can work on building later after you've maxed out your main team and achieved milestones such as clearing floor 12 of spiral abyss. It's likely that future floors of spiral abyss will favor other elements so it will be good to have a deep bench.

    User Info: Protian

    Protian (Expert) - 2 months ago 2   1

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