Which is better on gear, %percentages or flat numbers?

  1. I'm very confused on this. I don't know what to prioritize.

    User Info: Miwa27

    Miwa27 - 3 days ago

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  1. It depends on how you build. Late game percentages tend to get better, also if you have 5 star weapons that helps percentages significantly.

    It's pretty easy to test it. If you go to your character attributes section it tells you what are contributed from artifacts. So you can test a piece with %atk and a piece with flat attack and see which is giving you the bigger benefit.

    User Info: Protian

    Protian (Expert) - 2 days ago 4   0


  1. Until relatively late, flat rate will almost always have the bigger payoff. Why? Because Atk% only scales off of base attack, not total attack. Base attack is your Character's Atk+Weapon Atk. Any extra modifiers like flat Atk boosts on your artifacts' secondary stats do not count.
    For example, let's say you have a Lv 70 Diluc with a Lv 70 Wolfs Gravestone. Thats 256+488=744 base Atk. A 35% bonus (which is rather high) will increase it by 260 points. A 4 Star feather will increase it by 232 at lv 16. Smaller, yes. But thats in comparison to a 5 Star Character with a 5 Star weapon and needs to be AR 40 to progress to that point. A 5 Star feather will beat the 35% at level 16+.

    Now let's take something completely free, Traveller. At 70 with a 70 Prototype Rancour will have 184+429=613. 35% is 214 Atk. A 4 star feather beats it at lv 14+, and 5 star beats it at 13+.

    Any extra damage is helpful, but in terms of priority, focus on your Feather and your Goblet (Physical/Elemental Damage%) before you have to worry about the other stats for damage dealers.

    Tl;dr Flat is more effective until you hit AR 40 and can hit Ascension 5 at least.

    User Info: ChaseArni

    ChaseArni - 1 day ago 0   1

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