About Blessing of the Welkin Moon?

  1. Just wanna ask something about the Blessing of the Welkin Moon. So I just purchased it today and it said that I will be getting 90 gems everyday for 30 days. What if I don't login a day or two for example? Will I still be able to get the gems that I didn't get the following day? I'm kinda busy with work and I stay at work sometimes so I really can't login everyday. Thanks in advance to those who will answer. keyblade38 - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Each day you don't log in is a day you won't be getting the respective Primogems for that day.

    The following is stated in-game:
    "There will be no refund for any Primogems that were not claimed via login during the Blessing's duration."
    Yomi (Expert) - 1 year ago 30   10

Other Answers

  1. From what I know from other games, no, you gonna lose them. I want to get also this pack. ARAM666 - 1 year ago 7   11
  2. For me, when it’s almost the end of the day or past 6pm the game automatically collects the 90 primos? i think it’s because the game thinks i’m forgetting but this question was asked 6 months ago so i think mihoyo has updated the Blessing of the Welkin Moon since then. Although i’m not sure. gojosgf - 8 months ago 4   8
  3. 2700 gems over 30 days is rather meager in the end, especially for the fact you have to log in to claim them each day. I get that the Genesis Crystals might be worth it but I've already made ~4000 Primogems in 6-7 hours of gameplay. Slate69 - 1 year ago 14   92
  4. You must have been very early on in the game to get that many gems in so little time.

    Later on gems are very difficult to come by, so the Welkin thing is well worth it
    Ganiam - 1 year ago

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