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First Step
Complete Training 2P level
Dense Forest
Complete Dense Forest 2P level
Cactus Vally
Complete Cactus Vally 2P level
Rainy Ruins
Complete Rainy Ruins 2P level
Snowy Peak
Complete Snowy Peak 2P level
High Treetops
Complete High Treetops 2P level
Blue Rapids
Complete Blue Rapids 2P level
Sunset Ridge
Complete Sunset Ridge 2P level
Speed walkers
Complete Rainy Ruins in 15 mins (2P)
Robot lives matter too
Complete Sunset Ridge with lese than 10 death (2P)
Complete 10 challenges with harmony greater than 90%
Trend hunters
Unlock all the outfits in the store
I can do this alone
Complete all the single levels
Master biped
Complete all the Pro levels
Reaching for the stars
Collect all the stars in all the levels

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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