When can I start the Queen of Cards sidequest?

  1. I am outside Balamb Town after Dollet, and the queen is their. Can I start now?

    User Info: shadowslayer666

    shadowslayer666 - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes, you have to start with the MiniMog card, wich you can get in the Balamb Garden.
    You should save the game, lose that specific card to her and she will tell you that she will go to another city. If that city is not Dollet, then you restart until she goes to Dollet and she have that card.
    Then you follow the story until you are able to leave the next city you will be (timber), you go to Dollet, and you ask her for her father the artist. That will make the Kiros card appear, and the Mini Mog card will be in possesion of her kid.

    User Info: sano83

    sano83 - 4 weeks ago 2   0

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