How do i get Random Rule Abolished?

  1. In Triple Triad I have been trying for 2 days now trying to get the Random Trade Rule Abolished in Dollet by the lady in the Red Dress over by the Cab Service Station. I have followed 6 different guides, troubleshooting guides, soft resetting guides, draw guides, hard reset guides, EVERYTHING. I cannot figure out why this rule is not changing.

    User Info: mukethenuke

    mukethenuke - 1 week ago
  2. So I took everyone advice and finally got it on my first try!
    What I did was challenge and refuse the queen 4 times and then challenged the Old Man and the Random rule was Abolished right away! Thanks everyone

    User Info: mukethenuke

    mukethenuke - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Try other people in Dollet, it's based off a set random number generator (RNG). If you are just loading from the map then challenging her, your random numbers will almost ALWAYS be the same meaning you will always get the same result. So, instead run in and try challenging other players. I was in the same boat as you until I challenged the old man in the town square next to his wife. ABOLISHED. I'm not saying he's your golden ticket just saying that by challenging other players in the town you are changing RNG, I would rather have random RNG that might do what I want it to VS set RNG that never does what I want, know what I mean?

    User Info: Asmund

    Asmund (Expert) - 1 week ago 3   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. Talen from my own video:

    1. Go to Dollet Hotel and then save. Challenge the lady near the save point, decline twice when she asks to mix rules and then accept on the third time. Quit out after you see the rules screen and the Open rule should spread. Reset if it didn't spread, if Same spreads or if Elemental is abolished.
    2. Next, go back to Timber and challenge the left guard. Decline every time he asks to mix rules until he doesn't ask anymore then accept and you should be running on Galbadia rules.
    3. Go back to Dollet's hotel, save and reset. Reload the save, exit the hotel and re-enter it and challenge the lady again. Once more, decline twice and accept the third time. Quit out from the rules screen and the Random rule should be abolished. If not, reset and try again. You are now good to go to Triad in this region!

    User Info: Soraesteed

    Soraesteed - 1 week ago 4   2

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