What are the version differences between PS4 and PS5?

  1. I'm trying to figure out whether to get the game now on PS4, or wait until I have a PS5.
    Kinda tired of "Deluxe Editions" being just a little bit better, but the need to pay full price all over again.

    User Info: Mariotag

    Mariotag - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The PS5 version supports higher resolution and 60fps.

    User Info: MallyPureSmooth

    MallyPureSmooth - 1 week ago 11   1

Top Voted Answer

  1. It won't matter. If you buy the digital version it will be for both systems.

    User Info: loremasterkmm

    loremasterkmm - 1 week ago 8   0

Other Answers

  1. There's a well known bug on PS4 - you get might stuck on an infinite loading screen after the first major boss battle, you have to restart the game and do the battle again. You can lower the difficulty on the fly so the battle goes by faster.
    If you have a PS4 Pro, then the game should be in 60 fps. The base PS4 version probably isn't. Haven't seen any major slowdown.
    Loading times on PS4 Pro should be satisfactory, don't know about base PS4 (probably worse).

    User Info: Andreas2402

    Andreas2402 - 1 week ago 4   3
  2. PS4:
    1080p ~35FPS
    PS4 Pro:
    1440p ~35FPS
    2160p ~45FPS & 1620p 60FPS

    User Info: Neme79

    Neme79 - 5 days ago
  3. I thought PS4 physical you can still upgrade to PS5 digital? Multiple people told me that. Ugh..... can you?

    User Info: JohnRambo1989

    JohnRambo1989 - 3 days ago 2   1
  4. Yes as long as you keep the disc in the ps5 it's a free upgrade

    User Info: Joker13zz

    Joker13zz - 3 days ago
  5. Awesome! Thank you. I was not able to snag a PS5 yet, so I am looking forward to playing the PS5 60 fps, higher resolution. Just wish they had a save transfer option

    User Info: JohnRambo1989

    JohnRambo1989 - 2 days ago
  6. It is remarkable how consistently terrible people are on this site. They could just use some code to get the PS 4 version to run better? There's no difference, the game sucks on all versions? Good. Lord.
    Anyways, PS 4 and PS 4 Pro run nearly the same at ~35 fps. Sometimes a little lower or higher. The Pro versions simply has higher resolution. The 2 base Xbox versions run at lower frame rates than the PS 4 versions at around ~30 fps and suffer from crashing issues. It's not 100% known what causes them but it seems to stem from starting the game from a resting state instead of turning the system off and on. The PS 5 version offers a graphical and performance mode. Even on it's graphical setting, it runs better than the PS 4 version at ~45 fps at a 2k resolution. Performance runs at 60 fps and 1620p.

    The game looks great on all versions. Even the base PS 4 model, so performance mode is definitely the best way to play the game. It also seems to lock the game at 60 fps, which is a huge bonus as the other versions don't have the frames locked, which sucks. But you make do for a great game. On the huge plus side, loading times are very fast on all versions of the game as well. Obviously the base PS 4 will have 'much slower' loading times than a PS 5, a system that specializes in minimizing such things. However, I have no complaints about the loading times on the PS 4 at all and am, in fact, impressed.

    There is no difference in content with any version, so you don't need to worry about that. I know the question is a bit old at this point but I hope you have fun with the game! It has a few issues but it's great in the end.

    User Info: omgseal

    omgseal - 1 day ago 1   0
  7. Prettier graphics, that's the only difference

    User Info: Another_Gamer

    Another_Gamer - 1 week ago 6   6
  8. Resolution and framrerate. So there was no need for a ps5 version, as the game could simply get some extra code to run better on it (like the ps4 pro and X1X already do).

    User Info: Trickster-0

    Trickster-0 - 1 week ago 2   14
  9. The PS5 version removes 10 dollars from your wallet.

    User Info: samuraigaiden

    samuraigaiden - 1 week ago 8   24
  10. They cost the same man...

    User Info: Joker13zz

    Joker13zz - 1 week ago
  11. Nothing, they are both equally as terrible.

    User Info: digitalwill2000

    digitalwill2000 - 4 days ago 0   23

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