Elden Ring (PlayStation 4)

How to get to the Arena in Caelid?

  1. Ive been all around the trench that leads to it, and its nothing but death fall high cliffs. I even tried using Torrent to jump on some roots that stuck out of the wall in that place with the giant glintstones, but its still too high to jump, so does anyone know how to actually get there? Is there a cave? an Underground Entrance? There is a building in the trench that looks like it'd lead to the underground
    Taiyoh - 2 months ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. By the Arena you mean the building with the big pot bro in front? You’re supposed to get there by the Sofria Underground’s elevator all the way at the end that costs 2 swordstone keys. You can also reach it with some skillful horse parkour from around the “abandoned cave” near the pit of scarlet rot.
    HipsterSora (Expert) - 2 months ago - report
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Top Voted Answer

  1. Yea, you have to take a elevator/well from the underground to get in that trench.
    Once you come up, you’ll have a pretty tough Runebear on your left, it should be far enough away not to get aggro’d
    If you move up the right, they’ll be exploding enemies, and then two Golem Archers.
    Then….a gigantic Jar dude who won’t talk to you.
    There will be 3 red summon signs on the ground in front of the Jar. If you beat the 3 summons consecutively (no resting/warping away), talk to the Jar again and he’ll give you the 3rd tier arsenal tali.

    But, as of now, no way to get in that or the other arena.
    TheMightyLuBu (Expert) - 4 weeks ago - report
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Other Answers

  1. The elevator only takes you to the path to get to the arena, but you can't access it at this point. None of the arenas seem to have a way to get in currently.
    GreenRoadrunner - 1 month ago - report
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